Sluice Juice E-Liquid Ltd

Sluice Juice E-Liquid Ltd boss Thomas Peach admits he wouldn’t have a business if it was not for Turas Accountants.

“I didn’t have a clue at the beginning. Their advice took me from knowing nothing to knowing pretty well everything that I needed to get started and I’ve been with them ever since,” he said.

Former chef Thomas made the switch from the kitchen to devising and creating his own range of e-liquids in 2016 but it’s not quite the huge career change it at first seems. His expertise and knowledge with flavours in the world of the patisserie made blending and balancing the flavours of e-liquid a logical step.

“I had worked with a lot of low fat and zero calorie ingredients and flavours as a chef. A lot of the skill in producing e-liquids is balancing the different strengths of flavours so there are many similarities,” he said.

Now Thomas is the managing director of his vaping e-liquids business in St Mary’s Street, Newport, Shropshire, taking his inspiration for the company’s name from his favourite Gold Rush gold mining program.

His limited company includes an online and wholesale business plus a retail outlet for e-liquids and hardware as well as a manufacturing base. Sluice Juice employs three people – two full time and one part time.

“Turas do everything for us – the payroll, bookkeeping, accounts, VAT and pensions. It was their guidance right at the beginning on things such as whether to set up a limited company and whether to be VAT registered that got the company started.

“If I hadn’t had that advice at the start I don’t think I would have been able to start the business or keep it going. And what’s more they don’t judge me if I ask silly questions,” he said.

He added that he had been impressed by the helpful and supportive approach of Turas Accountants throughout his business journey and particularly during the lockdown restrictions.

“Our experience in lockdown was very up and down. We have managed to keep busy with the wholesale side of the business and now the retail sales are slowly coming back.”

“Turas were really supportive with advice during lockdown on what grants were available and the furlough scheme. In fact they were calling me with advice before I could call them. They have kept me informed and always kept on top of what was best for the company.”

“To be fair, I wouldn’t have a business if it wasn’t for them,” he said.

Sluice Juice E-Liquid Ltd