House of Hair Brockley

The Client

Who are they and what do they do?

Lindsay Richard was a mobile hairdresser for 9 years, but in 2016 decided to take the jump and bought her salon ‘House of Hair Brockley’ in 2016. She has been a client with Turas Accountants for 8 years.

The service

What services do they use Turas Accountants for?

Turas Accountants set Lindsay up with HMRC as a sole trader and now undertake all her accounting including data entry, taxes, preparing annual statements and submitting her return to HMRC. They also advise Lindsay on any new financial requirements needed for her business.

The results

How has using Turas Accountants helped their businesses?

“I prefer the safety and security of knowing that Turas Accountants are doing a much better, much more thorough, much more accurate job for me than I could do for myself, and you can’t put a price on that. I’m happy to sit back and take their advice!”

The recommendation

Why would they recommend Turas Accountants to other businesses?

“Before I came across Turas Accountants, I had struggled with THREE different accountants who all seemed to give me different stories on how to run my finances and also charged wildly different amounts. After just one telephone call they sorted out my problems and have steered me correctly and carefully ever since. I went from having ZERO trust in accountants, to putting ALL my trust in Turas Accountants and now I would not use anyone else.”

House of Hair Brockley Case Study 3-7-19

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