Duck N’ Dive Ltd

It’s twelve years since Shropshire swim club company Duck N’ Dive dipped a toe into the business world and Turas Accountants have been with them every stroke of the way.

Operations Director Andrew Wilde explained that the business started in 2008 when he was offered the chance to give one-to-one swimming lessons at a hotel two days a week.

Now Duck N’ Dive is a limited company offering small group swimming instruction in Telford and the surrounding areas for babies and toddlers up to 4 years-old, school age children, and adults. The business is a Swimming Teachers Association approved swim school, aqua sensory specialists for babies and aquaphobia adult approved. Staff are also disability swim aware and trained.

Andrew said that he realised he needed an accountant to help with the business from the very beginning. A word of mouth reference and an initial visit led him to Turas Accountants in 2008.

“They helped us with advice on the best options for accounting and general business support and signposting,” he said.

Turas Accountants now support Duck N’ Dive with accounts and bookkeeping as well as dealing with HMRC on all correspondence. The company has grown to employ a swim school coordinator, a swim school administrator and a team of six instructors, plus Andrew.

“Turas have helped us develop the business as we have grown and become a limited company with VAT administration and planning. Their advice is easy to understand and the team are approachable and available when we need them,” he said.

The business journey has most recently included the stresses of lockdown when swimming classes had to be suspended. Andrew said that Turas came to the company’s aid by helping with tax planning, restructuring and with the financial planning of a phased return to business.

“Our experience with Turas has been very good. We have a good relationship and I feel comfortable discussing business and its highs and lows with them,” he said.