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  • February 2012: "Best Private Banking Services in Bahrain 2012" award from Euromoney.
  • March 2012: "Best Bank in Bahrain 2012" award from Global Finance.
  • June 2012: "Best Bank in Bahrain and Middle East 2012" from Euromoney.
  • November 2012: "Best Local Bank in Bahrain 2012" award from Emea Finance.
The Barli United Bank (UK) plc (formerly known as the United Bank of Kuwait PLC) was established in 1966 to facilitate the expansion of business between institutions in Kuwait and global financial markets, and provide clients with practical financial advice and assistance while they are in the United Kingdom .

We have a broad mandate featuring a wide array of banking operations and services for our clients in the United Kingdom , the Arab world and, in particular, the Gulf area.

We provide the very best of British banking practice with a unique understanding of the special needs and demands of offshore investors and visitors from the Gulf.

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