KashFlow - User Guides

KashFlow User Guides

Whether you are just starting out with KashFlow or have been a user for a while, you may find the answer to some of the more common questions that crop up.

Read our Getting Started Guide on pdf or view on flipbook or view the videos below.

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1: How to create Customers & Suppliers on KashFlow



2: How to create a quote on KashFlow

3: How to create an invoice on KashFlow - the Basics

4: Creating invoices - options and email templates

5: How to set up a product list in KashFlow

6: Purchasing & receiving stock in KashFlow

7: Selling stock and stock levels

8: Tracking and reporting stock in KashFlow

9: Creating purchases in KashFlow - the Basics

10: How to set up bank accounts in KashFlow

11: How to add in manual transactions in KashFlow

12: How to set up bank feeds in KashFlow

13: Bank feeds matching screen in KashFlow

14: Bank feeds matching rules

15: Bank reconciliation in KashFlow

16: CIS in KashFlow

17: How to record your mileage in KashFlow

18: Corporation Tax Bank reconciliation in KashFlow